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A Florida Public Adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who advocates on behalf of the policyholder (not the insurance company).  A Florida Public Adjuster will help you through the entire insurance claims process. A Public Adjuster determines the insurance coverage, assesses the value of the loss or damage of the insurance claim; by evaluating, scoping, documenting, and preparing estimates. The Public Adjuster negotiates with the insurance provider to navigate a fair and just resolution for the policyholder.  A Public Adjuster manages all aspects of the claim with the insurance provider, in order to obtain an accurate reimbursement for the business or homeowner to recover fully from their loss. D’Orsa and Associates, LLC will fight on your behalf and personally inform you of all stages of the claim through the final settlement.

Why should I use a Public Adjuster?

Insurance companies, like most companies, exist to make a profit. The insurance industry’s goal is to earn as much money as possible; and in obvious contrast, attempt to pay out as little as possible (to policyholders). The more an insurance provider pays out in claims, the less capital they have to compensate themselves and their stockholders. Many distressed homeowners or business owners forget they have been paying skyrocketing premiums for years!

When an amateur, as opposed to a Public Adjuster, negotiates with the insurance company, they tend to utilize incorrect terminology enabling the insurance company to truncate or shut down and reject the insured’s claim. The policyholder may feel intimidated into acquiescing and accepting inadequate compensation for their loss, not knowing the funds are not near enough for the homeowner or business owner to fully recover and appropriately repair or replace their loss.

A Public Adjuster SHOULD BE CALLED A PRIVATE ADJUSTER because a Public Adjuster essentially works for the private homeowner or business owner to ensure they receive a fair and just settlement for their loss. A Public Adjuster is your own private representative for your insurance claim. D’Orsa and Associates, LLC have expertise encompassing the analysis and scoping of all types of damages, as well as the cost to make you whole again.

Aggressive and Accurate in the Assessment of Losses. Persuasive and Articulate.


There are three types of Insurance Adjusters

Staff Adjuster: Is an employee of the insurance company who embodies the welfare of the insurance company, not yours!

Independent Adjuster: Is an independent contractor who also works for the insurance company representing the insurance company’s interest, not yours!

Public Adjuster: Is a professional hired by you, traditionally employed on a contingency basis, who represents and fights for YOUR rights.

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