Burst Hot Water Heater Water Damage? Call A Public Adjuster.

Burst Hot Water Heater Water Damage?  Call a Public Adjuster.

So! You don’t know why or how you have water in your home. Your floors are flooded, especially along one side of the interior wall of your home. You have checked your toilets. But, to be safe, you call a plumber. The plumber tells you your toilet base is cracked and you need a new toilet. You contact your daughter, who tells you to hire her friend, your ace public adjusters and private investigator, D’Orsa and Associates, LLC. Miss P I Adjuster pulls up to the house, which is a duplex. Low and behold, the sleuth P I Adjuster discovers where your leak is coming from! The evidence is obvious! Take a look at the pictures! Your adjoining neighbor’s hot water heater burst. Contact D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjuster at (877) 742-3587 (p i adjuster). Our Public Adjusters will help you through the entire claims process. And in this situation, save you from hiring a plumber to fix something that does not need fixing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! D’Orsa and Associates, LLC public adjusters advocate for the policyholder. We fight the insurance company for you.
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