Cellular Telephone Fires

Cellular Telephone Fires
Recently the news has covered Cellular Telephone Fires of the Samsung Galaxy 7 smart telephones catching fire or exploding due to battery issues. D’Orsa and Associates, LLC public adjuster handled an I Phone fire claim during 2015. The insureds had the iPhone charging on an upholstered chair right next to the bed. The couple, Mr. and Mrs. Snow, had gone to sleep, and as usual placed the iPhone charging nearby. Mrs. Snow awoke early between about 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. to the sound of popping noises. Not noticing anything out of place, she went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. She then started work early at her in home office conducting business on the computer. After about a half an hour Mrs. Snow heard her husband calling to her. Mr. Snow alerted for her to get everyone out of the house. She ran to the bedroom to see what was going on and saw Mr. Snow fighting flames. Apparently, while Mr. Snow was sleeping, he smelt something burning. The smell woke him and he noticed the iPhone on the chair in flames. He swatted the iPhone and the entire iPhone, along with the chair exploded. The chair had been heating and melting for a while. The drapery then caught fire from the explosion. Soon the entire master bedroom was in flames and then the entire house! Mrs. and Mr. Snow, along with their sister who was visiting were all able to exit the house safely. But, their beloved dog passed away.

So, the reason we are writing about Cellular Telephone Fires is to advise everyone that not only is the Samsung Galaxy 7 in danger of igniting but, so too is the iPhone and other smart phone devices; as well as laptops. When charging smart phones, cellular telephones, laptops, or notebooks be sure to place the apparatus in a position where the device will have airflow above and below the instrument to prevent overheating. Keep fire extinguishers handy; make sure all your smoke alarms are in working condition. Heed the warnings when flying with smart phones, laptops, and notebooks. These devices really do catch fire. So, beware! There are plenty of articles out there to read regarding laptops, smartphones, etc.
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Pictures of the iPhone related fire:
Cellular Telephone Fires