Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Damage
Hurricane Damage from Hurricane Hermine ( is the first hurricane to strike Florida since 2005. As it barrels up the east coast with winds more than 70 miles an hour, it is projected to cause millions in damages. Over the sea, Hurricane Hermine causes sea levels to rise, with waves hitting the coast of Florida. On land, hurricanes cause damage from their high winds, making dangerous projectiles out of mundane objects. Heavy rains can also cause flooding and regions to experience electrical blackouts.

Hurricane Damage Is Done – What to Do

When it comes to a home damage, the culprit is typically from the wind, rain and rising water. However, surges in water levels stemming from hurricanes typically aren’t covered by standard home insurance, especially if you are in an area where it isn’t typically affected by hurricanes. Flood insurance is your best and first line of protection for rising waters. Note: most insurance will require a 30 day waiting period before the insurance goes live. Homeowners insurance should be adequate to cover structures, contents, additional living expenses and other structures. Contact D’Orsa and Associates, LLC to review your homeowner’s insurance policy. Beware of Preferred Contractor or Vendor Endorsements, as well as Concierge Endorsements or incentives! Should you notice you have such endorsements, revise your policy right away. These endorsements are not worth the money they may save you; they only save the insurance company.

For homeowners and businesses alike, it is imperative that there are photographs and video evidence of damage. For residences, it is essential that you conduct emergency repairs to prevent further damage. These immediate repairs include covering broken windows and tarps to keep rain out.

Disaster Recovery Plan For Businesses

Mitigate your damages. A public adjuster will assist you in the proper means to mitigate your damages. The public adjuster will assess and advise in the repair, recovery, and clean up necessary. High temperatures and humidity of the areas affected by hurricanes create the ideal breeding ground for different types of mold. Mold can quickly become an issue for businesses, as it can be a re-occurring problem.

Data recovery is also as important as brick and mortar for businesses, as your computer and working files hold important documentation about your business financials, customers’ information, and other types of sensitive data. Cloud computing has been able to circumvent data corruption. The majority of businesses close within 2 years if their sensitive data has been severely breached or lost. Cloud computing will safeguard your data, allowing for easy integration and convenient access points via a smart phone or computer.

Why You Should Hire a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster assists homeowners and business owners when filing an insurance claim. They are particularly helpful after a hurricane, for they can help streamline the process of filing a claim, especially at a time where the emotions of people can run high. Unlike company insurance adjusters, public adjusters have the best intentions in mind for their clients, as they will protect the rights of the individual and the business. In layman’s terms, company insurance adjusters seek to protect the insurance company, and the public adjuster seeks to protect the policyholder.

A public adjuster will work closely with you, combing through the fine print of your insurance policy to get acquainted with the terms and conditions. Then there will be an assessment of the hurricane damage, documenting it and assessing weak points that can be refuted and potentially cause the denial of the claim.

When Do I Need A Public Adjuster?

One of the main reasons to hire a public adjuster is the convenience of knowing that your claim will be properly processed with no erroneous omissions. It is particularly recommended that you employ the help of a public adjuster if you have hurricane damage that exceeds more than $10,000. If you have a company adjuster that is offering lackadaisical service and may have overlooked glaring holes in the claim, then it may be best to utilize the specialty of a public adjuster.

There are also economic reasons as to why businesses and homeowners hire public adjusters. Even though there are usually direct costs associated with public adjusters, policyholders will usually receive higher settlements than those who didn’t hire public adjusters. Public adjusters work on a contingency basis: No recovery, no fee. Public adjusters only receive a percentage of what the policyholder receives from the insurance company. Contact D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjusters for help with your insurance claim and throughout the entire insurance claims process. Hurricane Damage Help. (877) 742-3587

Hurricane Damage