Hurricane Hermine Damage

Hurricane Hermine Damage
If Hurricane Hermine damage or any other storm has damaged your home or office, you should file an insurance claim. This is a long and tedious process so you should be prepared to spend time and energy on the claim. First, you list everything you have lost and state how much it will cost to replace or repair each item. This process is called documenting a claim so you need to get it right if you want to get compensation from your insurer. In case you do not want to go through the hassles of documenting your claim and negotiating with your insurer, you can hire a public adjuster to do this for you. This expert will work on your behalf and ensure that you get your entitlements from the insurer. Before you hire a public adjuster, you should know a few things about this expert. This knowledge will help you choose the right public adjuster.

Understanding the public adjuster’s role
Public adjusters are experts in loss adjustment. They work for policyholders and they can help you in preparing, filling and adjusting your insurance claims. There are three types of adjusters and these are the company or “staff” adjusters, the “independent” adjusters, and the public adjuster. The insurance company employs the company or “staff” adjusters or the “independent” adjusters and they report to their employer: the insurance company. The staff or independent adjusters can be assigned to you by your insurer to work on your claim. The problem here is that they are representing the insurance company and not you. Now, it is not entirely fair to state that the staff and independent adjusters will favor their employer. These experts are supposed to do their jobs in good faith. The problem is that the staff or independent adjuster assigned to you may suddenly be reassigned by the insurance company. In some cases, your staff adjuster may leave the company before your claim has been settled. When this happens, the insurance company will appoint another adjuster to you and he or she will start all over again. Now, this is not what you want and this is just one of many reasons why you should engage the help of a public adjuster.

The licensed public adjuster
The licensed public adjuster (reference: is the right expert to help you navigate the complicated process of filling your claims and negotiating with the insurance company. Your insurance company does not employ this expert so there will be no conflict of interest. Once you hire the right public adjuster, he or she will be completely committed to you. Below are some of the things you should look out for before hiring a public adjuster.

If you want to get the best service from a public adjuster, you should hire an expert that has the requisite experience. This is because this job is complex so you need to go with the person who has a record of accomplishment in getting insurance companies to settle claims judiciously.

You have just suffered Hurricane Hermine Damage or any other loss so the last thing you need is an expert who will not be committed to you. Get testimonials from present and former clients of the public adjuster you want to hire. If these people give you the green light, you can go ahead and hire this expert. D’Orsa and Associates, LLC will provide you with samples of their achievements when we visit your home. You will be able to see real samples of real accomplishments.

Discuss money
Now, you have found your expert, the next step is to discuss the terms of the deal. Public adjusters will not insist that you pay money upfront. They simply assess the merits of your case and charge you a percentage of the amount the insurer will pay you. Usually 20% of the settlement you receive from the insurance company. Do not leave any grey areas. Discuss your public adjuster’s fee in advance and have the agreement in writing which is required in the State of Florida.

Final word
If your home or office has suffered Hurricane Hermine Damage or any damage by a storm, you should consult a competent public adjuster. This expert will help you file your claim, negotiate with your insurer and ensure that you get compensation. Our public adjusters are available to help file your hurricane damages through the entire claims process. No recovery, no fee. Free consultation. Contact D’Orsa and Associates, LLC at (877) 742-3587.

Hurricane Hermine Damage