Prior to Hiring a Public Adjuster a Policyholder May Consider the Following

Prior to Hiring a Public Adjuster a Policyholder May Consider the Following

Is the Public Adjuster licensed to practice public adjusting in the state where the loss or damage has occurred?
Make certain you are you are hiring a licensed Public Adjuster. Request to see and verify their individual Public Adjuster’s license. There are Public Adjusters who work under the license of another individual or firm, instead of being qualified and credentialed independently. Preferably the Public Adjuster you hire should be experienced, and have a blemish free record with the authorities.
Will the Public Adjuster handle your claim personally? Are you interviewing the individual(s) who will really be adjusting the loss? Is the person merely a sales representative, who will pass your claim to someone else?

What is the volume of claims the adjuster is currently handling? In instances of disasters, such as hurricanes, a Public Adjuster may take on more claims than they are able to handle. Thus, you may not secure attention and care you need.

Ask about the Public Adjuster’s claim adjusting and construction estimating skills, and proficiency.

How many years has the Public Adjuster been licensed, and how long have they been practicing in your state?

Ask for references of clients who were satisfied with the Public Adjuster’s work. Request a list of references for claims he or she has personally handled in the past 3 years.

Determine the contingency or percentage rate the Public Adjuster will be assessing. In the State of Florida, Public Adjusters work on contingency fee of 20%. However, if the governor has declared a state of emergency, the Public Adjuster may only charge 10%.

Once contracted, the Public Adjuster or company of the Public Adjuster will be a payee on each check issued by the insurance company, along with the policyholder and the mortgage company (if the property is encumbered). Determine which categories of insurance benefits the Public Adjuster will charge a fee. Public Adjusters do not normally assess a fee on coverage such as additional living expenses. Ensure you have an understanding of the potential fees prior to signing a contract.

Should you want to terminate your contract, will the Public Adjuster release you from the contract and if so, how will the Public Adjuster levy any fees for work performed.

Does or will the Public Adjuster work with a particular attorney or law firm on the claim?

Remember, the Public Adjuster is licensed to help and fight for you and your property. D’Orsa and Associates are expert and knowledgeable, as well as ethical regarding the insurance claims process. We have compassion, heart and the endurance to fight for the policyholder. Ask us for our portfolio!!!!

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