Public Adjuster Advice

Public Adjuster Advice

In general and with the impending hurricane season upon us, our public adjuster advice to policyholders is to have insurance and wind mitigation inspections of your home or business conducted as soon as possible. The insurance and wind mitigation inspections may help to lower your insurance premiums, as well as protect you from unnecessary insurance claim denials should you suffer any damage to your home or business.

The inspections should cost very little, usually under $100.00 for a typical 2000 square for single family home. Of course the larger the home or business in square footage the increase in cost.

The four (4) point inspections cover roofing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC (heating and air conditioning). Other inspections cover flood elevation. Roofing inspections should be accompanied with a certification. Your roof should be up to code and have the proper straps, nails, etc. The roof may also be evaluated for remaining useful life. Wind mitigation inspection should also include doors and windows. For instance, if you have shutters or hurricane doors and windows, the insurance company should provide a discount.

Inspectors may also provide a full appraisal on both the replacement cost and market value of your home (to provide you with an accurate evaluation number to insure your home or business).

Our public adjuster advice is to make sure you hire a licensed inspection company or person. You may locate a licensed inspector at Licensed Inspectors. You may also want to consider a company your insurance company recommends; or determine if they have a requirement to utilize a certain inspection company. Our public adjuster advice also recommends to hire your own inspector, in case the insurance company’s inspection company does not recognize certain potential valuable mitigation items. For instance one inspector may not notice you have the proper ties or nails for your roof, whereas another inspector may see that you do have the required ties, etc. Having the roof up to code should provide wind mitigation discounts in your insurance premiums.

Our public adjuster advice is once the inspection is completed and you have the certification, keep the original inspection certification and entire report for your records. Insurance companies tend to deny coverage citing normal wear and tear as the cause for damages. However, if you are armed with the certification and inspection reports, the insurance company will be hard pressed to deny coverage should an accident occur or you suffer hurricane or storm damage.

The 2017 hurricane season begins June 1rst; so be prepared, get your home or business inspected by a licensed inspection company. The reports may save you money on insurance premiums, as well as assist in coverage should you suffer any damage.

The most important public adjuster advice we can offer is be prepared and call our public adjuster immediately should you suffer any damage to your home or business!  Visit our forms for information our Public Adjuster may need when preparing your claim for submission.

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