Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks

• Roof leaks are one of the primary sources of water damage in a home or business
• The probability of a roof leak is even more widespread in climates where freezing weather, rigorous wind or hail occurs often.

Loss Prevention and Maintenance Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks

• Have a professional licensed roofer inspect your roof annually.
• Request a comprehensive inspection report that includes the condition of the flashing, roof covering, parapets and drainage system.
• Conduct repairs if there a signs of cracked or missing shingles or tiles; loose or missing granules. If the flashing is declining, particularly around chimneys and vents; or if pooling water is present.
• Look for plant growth as signs of sitting water and possible deterioration.
• In areas susceptible to freezing and heavy snow, insulate to avoid heat from entering the attic space.
• In regions vulnerable to wind and hail, consider an impact-resistant roof covering that has passed the FM 4473 or UL2218 standards.

Roof leaks enter into the interior of the building creating water damage, as well as possible mold, mildew and fungi. Please contact our Public Adjusters at D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjusters right from the start for complete help filing your insurance claim. Remember if you do not get paid, we do not get paid. Our consultations are free.

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