Tax Free Hurricane Supplies

Tax Free Hurricane Supplies

Today begins the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season. Today through June 8th are tax free shopping days for hurricane supplies. Batteries, flashlights, generators, etc. are all tax free. Check out your local hardware stores for hurricane supply suggestions. Don’t forget army navy stores have hurricane supplies as well.

D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjusters suggest buying food insurance. Subsequent to Hurricane Sandy people were dumpster diving for food.

The Sun Sentinel has some recent articles regarding the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season.,0,3818480.story

Ensure you have enough insurance coverage in case of a hurricane or storm surge. Have both Homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance.

Should you suffer any hurricane damage be sure to contact our office for help with your insurance claim. Don’t go it alone, our public adjusters are experts in handling the entire insurance claims process!

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