Water Damage from Shower Stalls

Water Damage from Shower Stalls

• Residences over 20 years old were 37% more likely to suffer water damage involving a shower.
• Over half of the shower stall water damage occurrences involved a faulty shower pan.

Shower Stall Damage Prevention and Maintenance Tips:

Inspect the tile and grout on a regular basis, paying close attention to loose or cracked tile or grout.

Test the shower pan by:
• Blocking the floor drain
• Fill the shower stall with about one inch of water
• Mark the water line
• Leave the water standing for eight hours
• If the water level decreases, contact a plumbing professional

Some homes builders that provided Roman tubs or showers in which one stepped down into the shower (usually below the main floor level) omitted shower pans. Thus, those homes suffered water damage which went undetected in adjacent rooms.