We handle insurance claims in Weston, Weston Public Adjuster.
When should do you need a Weston Public Adjuster and more significantly, can they actually help you?
Public Adjusters support and represent the insured in the process of reconciling their insurance claims.
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Our Weston Public Adjuster (by law) fight for and represent YOU, the policyholder, against the Insurance Company in the presentation and process of your insurance claim!!

A Public Adjuster is licensed by the State of Florida: (http://www.myfloridacfo.com/Division/Agents/Licensure/) to exclusively represent the policyholder; and the Public Adjuster’s responsibility is to the policyholder.
The insurance company’s adjuster works for the insurance company, and they are committed to the insurance company. It is an absolute conflict of interest for the insurance adjuster to protect both your welfare and the welfare of the insurance company.
Preparing an insurance claim can be an intricate and complex task. A Public Adjuster is knowledgeable regarding the specifics and variables of insurance laws that may be easily disregarded. The decision to hire a Public Adjuster has very little to do with whether the insurance company will be fair and just. Public Adjusters will nearly always obtain more enhanced settlements than a policyholder will on their own. Public Adjusters are proficient in evaluating, estimating, and appraising damages; as well as intimately familiar with the “minutiae” of the insurance industry.
Many policyholders who have suffered damage make the serious mistake of delaying in the hiring of a Public Adjuster. The earlier a Public Adjuster is involved in an insurance claim, the smoother the claim proceeds; and less likely hood of irreversible impairment by the insured. The insurance adjusters are well developed in manipulating the policyholder’s statements in order to orchestrate denial of the claim.
A Public Adjuster not only handles the claims process but advises on how to mitigate the damages.
Many policyholders simply do not have the necessary expertise to ascertain whether or not a company’s offer is fair and accurate. In addition, a great amount of work is needed to determine exactly what is fair. Regrettably, we see many people who handle their own claims and accept (what we know are) clearly low offers (sometimes less that 50 cents on the dollar), and yet are still quite happy with the settlement. We have also found quite often that the longer a person waits the more stress and duress he or she experiences. Every day many people accept substandard offers just to get the whole experience over. This is not the best position to be in when you try to negotiate your claim.
Bad settlements need not happen. Contact our Weston Public Adjuster today at (877) 742-3587!
We help with fire and water damage, and all other damages.

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