Hiring Contractors

Hiring Contractors

Hiring Contractors Public Adjuster Advice Hiring Contractors: Public Adjusters do not, as a matter of practice and ethics, recommend contractors. That being said, our public adjusters have some advice for homeowners to be cautious when hiring contractors. A general contractor is the person you hire to supervise the entire job, whether it’s new construction or … Continue reading “Hiring Contractors”

The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season

2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season may be an active phase. Although, the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season  forecast is tentative due to climate aspects that influence the amount of storms in the Atlantic Ocean are giving inconsistent or anemic signals. Eventful lively hurricane seasons are often coupled with warmer phases of … Continue reading “The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season”

Public Adjuster Advice

Public Adjuster Advice In general and with the impending hurricane season upon us, our public adjuster advice to policyholders is to have insurance and wind mitigation inspections of your home or business conducted as soon as possible. The insurance and wind mitigation inspections may help to lower your insurance premiums, as well as protect you … Continue reading “Public Adjuster Advice”

Types of Insurance Adjusters

Types of Insurance Adjusters Types of Insurance Adjusters:  Homeowners and business owners do you need help with your insurance claim? If so, you must be sure to seek the correct insurance adjuster! An “insurance adjuster” actually works for the insurance company. When you are searching on the internet for insurance help, be sure to search … Continue reading “Types of Insurance Adjusters”

Managed Repair Clause

Managed Repair Clause D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjusters cannot stress enough and reiterate to policyholders to review their insurance policy to determine if they have the “managed repair”, “right to repair”, or “concierge” clause in their policy. The clause may also be referred to or disguised as a discount in the premium. Believe us, … Continue reading “Managed Repair Clause”

Public Adjuster Message

Public Adjuster Message D’Orsa and Associates, LLC public adjuster message: Please heed law enforcement and state officials and follow their direction(s) before, during and after Hurricane Matthew. Stay safe. There are so many hazards from power lines, trees, water levels, etc. Prepare your home. Remove your garden hose from the spicket. I forgot to remove … Continue reading “Public Adjuster Message”

Cellular Telephone Fires

Cellular Telephone Fires Recently the news has covered Cellular Telephone Fires of the Samsung Galaxy 7 smart telephones catching fire or exploding due to battery issues. D’Orsa and Associates, LLC public adjuster handled an I Phone fire claim during 2015. The insureds had the iPhone charging on an upholstered chair right next to the bed. … Continue reading “Cellular Telephone Fires”

Preferred Contractor Endorsements

Preferred Contractor Endorsements Preferred contractor endorsements involve an insurance company requiring a policyholder (homeowner or business owner) to use a specific contractor to perform repairs on any damage the property sustains due to a covered peril such as hurricane or storm damages, sudden and accidental burst plumbing pipes, smoke or fire damage, burglary, etc. or … Continue reading “Preferred Contractor Endorsements”

Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Damage Hurricane Damage from Hurricane Hermine (https://weather.com/) is the first hurricane to strike Florida since 2005. As it barrels up the east coast with winds more than 70 miles an hour, it is projected to cause millions in damages. Over the sea, Hurricane Hermine causes sea levels to rise, with waves hitting the coast … Continue reading “Hurricane Damage”