Florida Public Adjuster Forms

Florida Public Adjuster Forms

Florida Public Adjuster Forms and Essential Documents for Your Public Adjuster
D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjusters want to support you in the optimum approach possible, the added information we have from the launch, the better we will be able to manage your claim to achieve the best possible results for you, the policyholder.

Public Adjuster Forms and Documents vital for your public adjuster when filing an insurance claim are listed. In order to process your insurance claim punctually and judiciously the following documents are valuable and crucial when filing an insurance claim:
Please provide the documents and data for your Public Adjuster.

You may complete our Client Information Form by clicking here. You may also locate the Florida Public Adjuster contract Florida Public Adjuster Contract.  Please fill in the blanks on the Florida Public Adjuster contract. The Florida Public Adjuster contract must be signed by all insured(s) named on the policy. You may fax your documents to (855) 742-3587 or you may scan and upload the documents on our contact page on our website or electronically scan and mail the documents and/or pictures to adjuster@dorsaassociates.com.

1. Name of all insured(s)
2. Address where damages occurred
3. Mailing address
4. Telephone number(s), cellular, home and work
5. Electronic mail address
6. Insurance company name and address
7. Policy number
8. Claim number (if already assigned). If you do not have a claim number, we will file the claim for you
9. Description of loss to include: cause of loss; time and date of loss; location of incident; description of damages
10. Policy declaration page and accompanying (entire) insurance policy if you have the policy
11. Mortgage number and home equity loan number or other encumbrances (such as IRS liens) on damaged property (include contact information and loan number)
12. Authority notification(s) such as fire department, police department, emergency service companies and/or damage mitigation
13. Previous claim or loss information
14. Any and all documents/correspondence relating to the current claim
15. Photographs of the damage; and before and after pictures (if you have them)

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